Exchange Policies

Our mission is to simplify your life:


All SALES items are not exchangeable and refundable.

Exchanges are to be done only once.

The exchange can be done in-store, and there is a 15 days limit from the day of purchase. The shoes can be exchanged for another size, color, or model, and the product exchanged should be of the same or higher amount. We do not do refunds. We ask that the items are returned clean, unworn, and with all their original tags attached. Shoes must be returned with their original boxes. Exchanges are to be done only once.
*Exchange cost:
In shop exchange: Free of charge
Home delivery exchange: Rs150 (3 days in Portlouis and 4 days other regions)
Postages exchanges: Rs50
Please do inform us before you go for an exchange in-store so we can check if the model is available.

Maintenance of your shoes:

  • Use only a clean, damp cloth with mild soap to clean your shoes
  • Do not use the washing machine. Do not immerse it in water or place it under the tap.
  • Dry your shoes only in the shade. Do not leave in under the sun nor use drying machines, ovens or put it behind the refrigerator.
  • Do not use chemicals, such as greases, creams or moisturizers, which in contact with the material used can damage the shoes.
  • For cleaning uppers in suede, nubuck, velvet, canvas and related fabrics or containing LED components only soft dry bristle brushes should be used. Attention! Shoes with such characteristics should be avoided on rainy days.
  • For durability, the product should be stored in airy and moisture-free places.Do not leave shoes standing unused for long periods.

    These may not be compatible with the material the shoes are made.

    • To clean suede shoes such as brush with soft bristles.
    • To reduce the smell of perspiration, after using, leave the shoes in a ventilated, shaded place and let it rest at least 24 hours.


    • The warranty does not cover problems caused by misuse of improper care of the product, wear, and tear, as well as damage caused by accidents.
    • The shoes kept in stock for a long time without wearing may cause alterations in its components and can result in the detachment or decomposition of the insole (hydrolysis) which does not characterise as manufacturing defect.
    • Printed metallic and stamped insoles suffer natural wear and tear which is not considered a manufacturing related issue.
    • Shoes with high heels increase the pressure on the feet, causing a natural uncomfortable with use which is not characterised as a defect.
    • The appearance of small folds is a natural characteristic of the product, caused by the natural flexing of the feet.
    • Lined, painted, or coated heels can be damaged during the use of the product, which is no reason to exchange it, as it is not a manufacturing defect.
    • Discomfort: the fact that a certain model does not adapt perfectly to your feet does not imply that the product has any manufacturing issues, since each foot has a specific and unique anatomy and size, which will not always be in exact conformity with the shape of the shoe.


    In the event if the product be out of stock, Cabana will immediately inform the customer by email or telephone and a full refund will be granted, should Cabana be in possession of the payment.